Thursday, November 4, 2010


Entry in body art award. Depicitng the charm and wit of the dalmation. the model was handed a dalmation umbrella, a red hat....and then a real dalamtion.....

Chance encounter - Meaningful experience

Triptech that demonstrates how it is to perceive you are in the 2 outside canvases....and a chance encounter that can change all that in an instant in the centre canvas seeing the mirro image ...coming face to face with self and other.

Handling the shadow of doubt

The cast hands are illuminated from above casting a shadow on the floor below, depicting the shadow of doubt. Perceived as a juggling process and a somewhat eternal process .... the juggling just goes on and on....Until it is overcome or one can become present it continues to present its challenge...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Equanimity ...yeah rght

This tryptec displays the artists journey to right herself after a series of losses. The first canvas portraying a tumultuous period being tossed on her head and with shadowy figures of the past hanging on. The second canvas she has righted herself but experiencing an inflated sense of self...hence the larger head. The third canvas displays a settling with an experience of a level of equanimity. The cast face overlaid on the head symbolises enlightenment .

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Come from nothing

A collaborative work with a lady who had tongue cancer. Her wish was to make some art and the piece just evolved with each session layering, adding context and just exploring where we each were guided. Combinations of paint and layered felted fabric wove a mellee of colour and texture reflecting a vibrancy not always evident in her life. Demartini says " there is only love and love is made up of challenge and support"...if we are present we will see both side by side.

Indigenous inspiration

I have studied aboriginal culture and love the lack of written languaging. Expression is through dance and storytelling. My entry in one of the NZ body art awards combining canvas and skin as canvas to portray an art form and inherent beauty.

A firm resolution

This piece was also personal, depicting my resolve to find a way to express my creative and compassionate self and serve humanity.